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DIY Torsion Springs in Houston, TX

We sell all sizes of residential garage door torsion springs to the public in Houston. Why order online when you can pick up the springs you need today? Our helpful staff will always help you to get the springs you need, and to offer you tips and advice. Our utmost goal is that our customers are well informed, and can finish all repairs safely.

The average service company in the Houston area will charge from $175 to $350 for parts and labor depending on the weight and type of door that you have. Replacing your own broken spring is a great option to learn a new skill and save considerable money. We sell the standard .207x2x22" spring for just $35 each.
If you currently have a broken spring, it is highly recommended to replace both springs at the same time. Springs generally wear evenly. If one of them breaks, the other one will not be far behind.

If you have a single spring, consider upgrading to 2 springs for a longer cycle life. A one spring system is typically rated 10,000 cycles. A two spring system is rated 15,000 cycles. Right now, we have a sale on the double springs- at the same price of the single spring. Come in to our store today, as this offer is limited!

It is of great importance to find the correct size of spring for your garage door. We remind our customers regularly of the fact that this is not a guessing game, and that buying an oversized spring is not a good solution. The best way to get the correct spring size is to bring in one of your existing springs so that we can find a match. You may also decide to take some accurate measurements yourself and pass those along to us. you will need to measure the spring that is already broken or not under tension. First measure the overall length of the spring coils (not including the end cone). Second, measure the inside diameter (usually 2 inches). Third, carefully measure 20 coils with a tape measure- convert to a decimal, and divide by 20. This will give you the most accurate measurement of one coil. The wire size will fall in these following increments: 192, 207, 218, 225, 234, 243, 250, and 262.